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"Voices from the High School" is ambitious... Gillis elicits fine performances from his cast... 3 Stars - Joe Baltake, The Sacramento Bee

Powerful in its portrayal of how students cope with stressful situations, this remains an important work. Highly recommended... - Marianne Eimer, Library Journal

Voices from the High School - DVD

"Voices from the High School" takes a candid look at teenage life and the everyday struggles of high school students, capturing a frank and honest view into the frailty of our youth - from the innocence of a first kiss and petty gossip to the controversial issues of sexual exploration and the hard reality of teen suicide and abuse. Based on the Play by Peter Dee.

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted and Alternate Scenes, Director's Interview for "Voices", Short Film: "9 Items or Less" and Director's Interview for "9 Items"
$19.95 + S&H

" amusing silent comedy..." - Jim Lane, News and Review
After the Fellow wreaks havoc while shopping, he gets in one of hundreds of long lines to check out. In what seems like an eternity, he spots a very short line with a banner above announcing "9 Items or Less." Upon counting, he discovers he has ten items in his cart, so he does what every moral, self-respecting citizen would do - he goes to the "9 Items or Less" line anyway, resulting in a hysterical battle of wills between the Fellow and the Cashier.
DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Two Soundtracks: The Original Soundtrack (1995) & Live! with Dave Moreno at the Ironstone Vineyard (2004), Director's Commentary, The Script, Bios, and Subtitles: Dutch and English
$4.95 + S&H

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